3 Different Types Of Remote Control Helicopters

The Different Types Of Remote Control Helicopters

If you are thinking of getting into remote control helicopters as a hobby, you need to know about the different types. There are 3 main types of RC helicopters that you can choose from. Of course, not all of the types will be ideal for beginners and you need to be aware of this. If you are looking for recommendations for good RC helicopters, you can check out Best RC.

The Coaxial

The coaxial RC helicopter will be the best one for any beginners. These helicopters will come with 2 rotors on the tops which rotate in opposite directions. This will result in the torque reaction or spinning effect on the main body will be canceled out.

These helicopters do not need a tail rotor and are the most stable when it comes to flying them. However, the stability of the helicopter does come with a drawback and this is the fact that they are not very reactive to control input. This drawback does have a positive side which is the fact that it is easier to fly because mild adjustments or knocks to the controls will not affect the flight.

These will also be the cheapest RC helicopter on the market. This is important because as a beginner, you are more likely to crash. When you have a cheaper RC helicopter, you will be able to get extra parts fairly easily and without great expense.

The Fixed Pitch

If you are an intermediate helicopter hobbyist, the fixed pitch will be the best one. This type of RC helicopter will be a step up in difficulty from the coaxial as it only has one rotor on the top. These helicopters will often have a tail rotor to balance the torque reaction.

The lift of this type of helicopter will be proportional to the amount of throttle input and the rotation of the motors. A higher throttle level will result in greater lift. Fortunately, these helicopters come in a range of sizes including small and mid-sized allowing them to be flown indoors and outdoors.

The Collective Pitch

The collective pitch helicopter should only be purchased by advanced pilots. This is due to the fact that the lift will not be produced by increasing the throttle. You will need to vary the pitch of the rotor blades to increase or decrease altitude. The speed that the blades spin will not have any impact on the lift that is produced.

The way that these helicopters work will result in a snappy reaction to any control input making it less than ideal for beginners. However, this reaction does allow for some of the more advanced maneuvers such as inverted flying. These helicopters will be able to perform these aerobatics even in windy conditions.

Of course, it is also important to note that the collective pitch will be the most expensive RC helicopter on the market. This is important for people who are on a budge or have not committed completely to this hobby.

Here is a good YouTube video talking about RC helicopters:

There are 3 types of remote control helicopters that you need to know about. These helicopters will be ideal for the different skill levels of the pilot with the coaxial being the best for beginners.

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